Nobody doubts the benefits of honey, a lightweight, natural food, delicious and energy. Traditionally associated with the sweeter flavors, sometimes even too much, its sweetness depends however on numerous factors such as the type of flowers with which is made. In the manufacture of cosmetics it is used for its nutritious and softening properties. In the composition of perfumes, to include a gourmet soft touch and non-invasive. Many successful fragrances have accents of honey. Charlie Red, the re-reading of the legendary Charlie de Revlon 1993, includes honey as one of their notes base. Charlie is an iconic perfume of a new model of woman, that in the 1980s went to the conquest of a working world then dominated only by men.

The fragrance of the new Executive combines accents floral, fruity and Oriental, for a new type of woman, strong, intelligent, successful and decisive, while at the same being sensual and feminine. Another classic recorded in the popular imagination, First of Van Cleef & Arpels, incorporates a soft note of honey in your base. It is a fragrance of worship, released in 1976 but inspired by the floral composition – aldehydic of early 20th century. A classical, mature, sophisticated and elegant composition that managed to reconcile to large audience with a chemical note strong such as aldehydes. Honey is amalgamated to perfection at its base with a series of chords typically Oriental, such as vetiver, amber, sandalwood wood, vanilla, tonka bean, or the musk. The Eastern base + honey is repeated in the Elizabeth Arden Red Door classic, released in 1989.

Once again, the honey makes its delicate contribution to round off another fragrance refined, elegant and extreme sophistication. In this case, with the help of the Heliotrope and cedar. Eau du Soir was for several years the personal fragrance of the Countess Isabelle d Ornano. A very special part of her husband, Hubert birthday gift d Ornano, creator of the signing of Sisley cosmetics and perfumes. Hubert, however, was able to convince Isabelle share it with other women (to the) perfume, clear), and since 1999 Eau de Soir, a floral Cyprus with a modern touch, captivates all elegant and sophisticated ladies on the planet.