With his new album, the Munich-based entertainer Patrick Lindner itself has become a gift. Cookie-cutter fifties is one hundred percent behind each individual title. The sympathetic device into raptures when he is asked about his new album and says: “this time no single title is when I convince me had to leave. The album “Give you the day” is something how I can once again prove my musical calling card of the German Schlager is how varied”. The title song, which was released as a single advance, is extremely optimistic and melodic catchy, spreading good mood at the first bars. The Swiss success composer and producer Tommy Mustac has tailor made five of the fourteen new songs his versatile protege on the body, so to speak, for five more, he got production and arrangement. Tracks like “The dreams are still there”, “Maybe you’re going to love”, “because you’re a hero” and “up to the limits of the sky”, where Tobias Reitz, who counts in the meantime to the elite of the German lyricist, wrote the appropriate texts (partly in collaboration with Edith Jeske), prove once again that he is an avid singer, who has just as much fun and joy in his profession in the 21st year of his career, as at the beginning, when he with popular songs wowed the audience. “With Peter Alexander – classic ‘Pedro’ and a new disco version of continuous burner composed by Jack White I” never the sky promised you”Patrick evokes the 1970s high.

Dietmar Kawohl has composed four songs and produced, “Even hell is the garden of Eden” and the ballad “Eighteen”, to which Andreas Bacon has written an autobiographical text, are absolutely hit suspect. The contemplative Patrick with much depth comes also with the ballad “Even for you” composed by Toni Peters to the validity. The new pop album with two favorite titles from Patrick, which holder from Frankfurt and Irma penned Jean is completed: “The lost smile” and also the extremely suspicious hit first single “when the sky is burning”, with the Patrick Lindner television and radio autumn 2010 will compete. Schlager friends will experience in the next few months Patrick LIVE, because the tour “Hit parade striker”, on which the hit favorite can welcome many successful colleagues begins a few days after release of the album. He is from then on Christmas tour and at the beginning of the new year of 2011, he is touring with the “Musikantenstadl” through the country. Yes, and then there is still a reason to rejoice: Finally, Patrick has landed again on his home label Ariola. All in all is Patrick a happier person, which is reflected in his new album. Patrick Lindner on tour (subject to change!): hit parade striker 2010 27.10.2010 Deggendorf 28.10.2010 Deggendorf 29.10.2010 Regensburg 30.10.2010 Munich 31.10.2010 Chemnitz 04.11.2010 A Kitzbuhel 05.11.2010 Ellwangen 06.11.2010 Wetzlar 07.11.2010 Delbruck 11.11.2010 Zwickau 12.11.2010 Magdeburg 13.11.2010 Leipzig 17.11.2010 Cottbus 18.11.2010 Dresden 19.11.2010 Berlin 20.11.2010 Schwerin 26.11.2010 Aurich 27.11.2010 Hamburg Alpine Christmas 2010 03.12.2010 Osterode 04.12.2010 Arnstadt 05.12.2010 Bad Elster source: Ariola / MySchlager Web link: schlager/patrick-lindner/patrick-lindner-schenk-dir-den-tag.html company description music portal with pop radio for your music! Artist info, CD news, Web radio, music wish list, charts, music videos are always up-to-date!