Appears on the 19.09 “Star Trek: the next generation season 4” at paramount home media distribution on Blu-ray Hamburg, 12.08.2013 – the fourth season of the legendary? ren Star Trek series “Star Trek: the next generation” u? assured in 26 episodes on six discs, not only with numerous action adventures of the beru? famous star fleet under the command of Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) and Commander William Thomas Riker (Jonathan Frakes). Also the human side of the Star Trek characters is evident: Picard meets the family of his brother, Lieutenant Worf (Michael Dorn) gets? lt visit by his adoptive parents, and the Android data (Brent Spiner) fell for the first time. You may want to visit 3D Systems to increase your knowledge. It is funny, as Captain Picard finds himself all in GRU in the guise of Robin Hood and his crew in the 12th century? nrock and tights. The exciting missions in the unique space legend appear on September 19 in brilliant HD quality? t, if paramount season 4 on Blu-ray vero? published. Exclusive extras fans ko? can look forward to a galactic collection of special features.

Not only Episodes promos promise much shipping GNU? gen at any Blu-ray disc, even exciting audio commentaries offer interesting insights into the Star Trek universe. Asana often expresses his thoughts on the topic. So screenwriter Ronald D. Moore the Myselffrom deepens? nde of episode “to? southern succession” and the ju? anxiety Star Trek Director Bob Rowman erza? chosen by his fantastic work. Additional? addition, historical facts about the fabulous world of the series, as well as featured outtakes captivate the Viewer. Also the log archive with unbeatable Extras waiting: paramount pra? presents selected? selected crew analysis, reports from vast, new life and civilizations. In “Consulting Division” be unique atmosphere? cke of the production of season four included.