Energy Projects A place in the Sun of renewable energy, energy efficiency, and estate planning are the areas of Thomas, who can boast a long experience in the fields of environmental law, energy law and project development. Corino energy works as well to build of a license production for concentrating solar technology SunOyster as spectacular a real estate project between the Elbe bridges of Hamburg, the two towers of the H2 building. His enthusiasm for renewable energy as a cornerstone of a sensible energy policy, which contributes to climate change and strengthens the security of supply, shows Dr. To read more click here: Procter & Gamble. Carsten Corino in various project developments, he draws his power from the rays of the Sun as well as from the force of the wind. With the project of planning his homepage Dr.Corino commissioned the team of the Agency of joomlapur, a Web page full force and energy developed.

Relevant information are radiant and moving images on the subject solar energy and wind power accompanied, the visualizations of the eco – building H2 in Hamburg speak strongly for the establishment of a further landmark in the Hanseatic City. P&G shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The enthusiasm for radiant homepage design and powerful website creation of agency joomlapur is reflected in the complete service relating to the Internet appearance of self-employed and small businesses. With the energy from joomla templates and the experiences from numerous projects, as well as access to over 1,000 ready-made business modules related energy resources offers joomlapur in the areas of programming, design and marketing to provide a sustainable.. .

Bethlehem Hospital

Hospital Belen de Trujillo, is a very important hospital under the Ministry of Health, which serve thousands of patients from the popular sectors of the region for centuries, because it works dating from the XVI century. In order to determine the clinical, pathological and treatment of placenta accreta performed at the Hospital Belen de Trujillo Peru, we reviewed the medical records of 36 patients with clinical and / or anatomical pathology of placenta accreta occurred among births 73.212 in the period from January 1U 1969 and November 30, 1988 (nineteen), data were obtained from the General Archives of stories of that hospital and registered, according to the established protocol, which in 19 cases the diagnosis was confirmed from the standpoint of pathological anatomy, which are reported in this study. From the results obtained in this work, the results are as below: 1.-The incidence of placenta accreta, in these 19 years of living in the Bethlehem Hospital of Trujillo was a one in 3853 deliveries. 2.-The average age of the thousands of patients studied was 31.32 years, while the mean gestational age was 35.32 weeks of gestation, while the average parity was 4.3 births. Here, 3D Systems expresses very clear opinions on the subject. 3.-The etiologic factors most often associated with the placenta accreta were multiparity with 89.47% and a history of Curettage mostly associated with an incomplete abortion, with 57.89%. 4.-Of the total studied that 52.63% have complications before-birth, 36.84% intrapartum complications and 84.21% had postpartum complications. 5.-36.21 In the cases the clinical diagnosis of placenta accreta was made for caesarean section.

6.-The retained placenta was more than 30 minutes and postpartum hemorrhage occurred in all cases. 7.-This is determined by the study Anato-Pathological confirmation of placenta accreta box 8.-It was found 26.32% cases with the diagnosis of placenta accreta after 9.-The partial placenta accreta occurred more frequently in 68.42% of the 10-Therapeutics Placenta accreta is surgical: total or partial hysterectomy. 11-The maternal mortality was nil placenta accreta placenta accreta ABSTRACT, is an entity that can lead to maternal mortality, for which causes bleeding and mostly requires a surgical solution, such as hysterectomy is the partial or total, all This involves a surgical center and medical specialists are ready to act, circumstances often do not have our health centers even in urban areas.


Concept of Diagram of Pareto Is a tool that is used to prioritize the problems or the causes generate that them. The name of Pareto was given by the Dr. If you would like to know more then you should visit Asana. Swear in honor of the Italian economist VILFREDO PARETO (1848 – 1923) who realised a study on the distribution of the wealth, in which she discovered that the minority of the population owned the wealth most of and the majority of the population owned the smaller part of the wealth. The Dr. Swears applied east concept to the quality, obtaining itself what today it is known like rule 80/20. Continue to learn more with: Asana. According to this concept, if a problem with many causes is had, we can say that 20% of the causes solve 80% of the problem and 80% of the causes they only solve the 20% of the problem. The use of the diagram of Pareto is recommended: In order to identify opportunities to improve In order to identify a product or service for the improvement analysis of the quality. When the necessity exists to draw attention to the problems or causes of a systematic form.

In order to analyze the different groupings from data. When looking for the main causes of the problems and establishing the priority of the solutions In order to evaluate the results of the cambos conducted to a process being compared successive diagrams obtained at different moments, (before and later) When the data can be classified in categories When the rank of each category is important In order to easily communicate to other members of the organization the conclusions on causes, effects and costs of the errors. The general intentions of the diagram of Pareto: To analyze the causes To study the results To plan one improves continuous The Graph of Pareto is a simple but powerful tool when allowing to visually identify in a single revision the minorities of vital characteristics to which it is important to pay attention and this way to use all the resources necessary to carry out an action of improvement without squandering efforts since with the analysis we discarded the trivial majorities.

Organizational Learning

In relation to other theoretical and philosophical underpinning of Organizational Learning theory, Nonaka and Takeuchi argue that the Asian intellectual tradition, specifically in Japan, there is an important philosophical current has been widely disseminated, nor has it described any systematic way. Thus they argue, it is very difficult to find a single trace of Cartesian rationalism in Japanese thinking. But if there is a Japanese ideal of knowledge, which integrates the teachings of Buddhism, Confucianism, and the major Western philosophical. Also, have three distinctive features of Japanese intellectual tradition: human unity – nature, the unit mind – body, and the unity of self and others.

a) The unit . human nature is referred to the taste of human beings by nature, the notion of the beauty of change and transition. In this tradition, is given the name of emotional naturalism. b) The unit mind – body: it places emphasis on all human personality. For the Japanese, knowledge means wisdom gained from the perspective of personality as a whole. c) Unit self and others: it is an organic world view which gives more importance to the subjective and intuitive intelligence, perspective Japan is tactile and interpersonal For Nonaka and Takeuchi (1999), the vision of organizational learning is closely linked to knowledge management in organizations. Accordingly, the Organizational Learning is related to the organizational process through which the knowledge of an individual may be shared, evaluated and integrated with the others in the organization “(p. 63). Organisational Learning is identified with the process to convert individual knowledge, the knowledge shared by all members of the organization.

Foundation Institute

The dream of many people is to stop to depend on the public transport and to be able to make its activities with a proper vehicle. Others, however, want to vender its vehicles, either to buy one new or for not wanting more to it. However, before making any business, many people, and even though concessionaires, use as base table FIPE. This table presents the average price of the vehicles, leading in consideration its model, year, color, type of painting, optional state of conservation, accessories and item. The value of the table is presented in Reals, and the service is disponibilizado and made in 24 Brazilian states. The calculation presented for the Foundation Institute of Pesquisas Econmicas (FIPE) is had as base even though in the collections of the IPVA. It is interesting if to inform before on the price the vehicles that you desire to buy or want to vender, and this is a very simple way to make this. Table FIPE of motions all presents the average values of motions of the country.

It stops to search on the price of each one of them, is enough to enter in the site of the FIPE, and to clicar in the item ' ' ndices' '. When to make this, a new page will go to confide, showing for you some new item that you can choose. &#039 goes then; ' Average price of the Veculos' ' , and immediately afterwards in ' ' Motos' ' (item that will appear soon below). To follow, a new page will appear in its screen, and will allow that you search for the motion that she desires. It fills all the fields as mark, model and year of the manufacture. With these data, the consultation will be made and the FIPE will present the characteristics and the value of the motion that you looked for. An example of what you can search is table FIPE to twister, a motion of the Honda mark. If you desire to know the average value of this motion in the market, you place first ' ' HONDA' ' where it is indicating the mark.

After that, in the field ' ' Modelo' ' , it places ' ' CBX 250 TWISTER' ' , and later it selects the year that you to desire. Automatically they will go to appear the data of the motion selected and you it will be able to see if it is advantage or not to buy/to vender. In the table that will appear below of the fields that you filled, will be presented the average price of the motion, the model, year, mark, code FIPE, month of reference and the date that was carried through the consultation. With this research, it is possible to have an idea of the advantages and disadvantages to buy/to vender definitive vehicle. To the times, the people do not possess no notion of how much that car/motion/truck valley in the market, and through the calculation made for the Foundation Institute of Economic Research she is possible to know, at least, average of this value. Valley the penalty to give one searched in the site of the FIPE on the average values of the vehicles of the country, for thus, when you will have interest, already being on the inside of the prices.

Working For Yourself

In the current climate, many people are looking away from the traditional job market towards working for themselves. The layoffs and job insecurity has caused many people to radically rethink their career plans. With the ever increasing cost of living, many would be happy just to make extra money to support his family and pay bills. In this article, you will discover what you really enjoy life and how to turn it into an opportunity to make money, and perhaps even a full-time career. Their only limitations are those imposed on yourself! At least, that will help you learn to be more happy with their current job. First, a little exercise to start. Make a list of everything and anything you really enjoy and are passionate about. This can be anything from playing with Lego through project planning or programming in Cobol.

Write down everything that occurs, no matter how silly or pointless you think it can be. All are important and should be included in your list. Go through the list and ask yourself whether you are a fan of each. Ask the question, "If someone offered to pay me to do this, I will be happy?" If not, then crossing off. Review each item on your list and ask yourself what you like about it.

You can enjoy peace and tranquility of the garden, or the hectic lifestyle of project management. Type this also for each element. The reason to enjoy it is very important because it gives an idea of its internal functioning.

Cayo Paraiso

Perhaps the key was one of the scenes of the novel The Old Man and the Sea (Pulitzer Prize in 1953), among many other works. In Cayo Playa Paraiso, which is accessible by sea from the pier in Palma Rubia, novelist dedicated many late nights and candlelight, to form the scenes of his works. Also performed by the site circumnavigation and exploration along four kilometers of beach and that was part of his romance with nature and the arts. The chain Directions offers vacationers considering offers nautical and visits to the island of Cayo Megano of Casiguas or Paradise, surrounded by crystal clear waters. Among other attractions are also excellent beach, about 500 meters long and magnificent funds for diving enthusiasts and snokeling on reefs that are part of the coral reef of Colorado ranked among the best in the Caribbean . The visit Cayo Paraiso, a place of rest, peace and stronghold in nature tourism, could also be an opportunity to deepen the life of Ernest Hemingway, who considered the largest of the Antilles as a second home and favorite haunt Paradise.

Cayo Casiguas Megano of one of the treasures of the archipelago of Los Colorados, is a complement of options in a region that retains and prides itself on its rich traditions of the countryside and being the land of the best snuff in the world. Paradise is a gift of nature to the west of the Pearl of the Antilles and is part of its over 4000 cays and islets, the majority in virgin and almost untouched, in a precise sense, by the hand of man. Coexist in the whole area around 500 species of fish such as snapper, grunts, plates, groupers and snappers Creole 200 types of sponges and large populations of shellfish and other marine animals. In addition to its funds, which hold a priceless natural treasure, are located structures of star coral and brain coral and sea fans. More information on Hicuba is a website aimed at the travel and tourism industry in Cuba with valuable information on what is required to travel to the island, as well as geography, history and tourist destinations you can Hicuba.c


With the passage of time we have gone given account that increasingly have less time, always walk up down and want everything well and fast. With this hectic lifestyle luckily came smartphones, thanks to its ability to connect to the internet we can read the newspaper, check our email, see pages of entertainment, shopping online and what you can do from your computer; Now you only have it in the Palm of your hand, in any place and at any time. It has always been a cap when travelling you have to do a million calls to the airlines or look in the newspaper to see if there are promotions or find departure times and all that. You can now do everything through the internet portals from Mexican airlines. So, even if you think that this only happens with much more advanced countries because this already reached Mexican airlines. Now from your Smartphone can enter these websites and find all the services that you offer, how to buy tickets in line, check the promotions, packages and others. Something that also has drawn much attention lately, is that most technological airlines are already offering applications for mobile phones, so you can enter the time you want and enjoy all its benefits. The application of airlines works for Iphones, Blackberries and any other Smartphone, so if you have one of them wait no longer and lower your application. ock & Anchin. Original author and source of the article

Astral Travel

If you are a person that spiritual topics interest, it is normal that at some point you have found with the subject of astral projection, also called astral travel. And perhaps I also practice some more or less obscure methods that achieved little in their desire to achieve projected to the astral plane. It is frustrating for the student of these issues, either based on spiritual, scientific research or face the barrier of the tempo. Since most of the methods require on average two years to show consistent results. This issue of time is what discourages the majority of people, because in him Western world we are used to obtain quick results and methods of the East are generally loaded with an esoteric and romantic mysticism. Which is why that for quite some time has been considered the astral projection a matter only to mystics, especially gifted beings, or that they were lucky to find this master according to the principle that when the student is ready then the master appears. But what about those people who have not found that dream teacher? What happens if you do not want to join these groups or secret societies that have all the secrets of the universe? Well, thanks to the most modern technology now you can enjoy these Astral experiences in the comfort of your home and without having to wait years to see results. This secret and tip technology achieves you to reach the ideal State for having Astral experiences in 8 minutes or less.

This technology is so powerful that you achieved possibly experience an ASTRAL journey from the first time. You will wonder and that happens with years of practice required to experience this wonder of spirituality? It is the same answer what happens with the months required to go from America to Europe with a ship’s sails? Technology accelerates the results. The aircraft are able to reduce the time go from Europe to America, this technology is able to reduce the time for the delicious experience of a trip Astral.

Beckhard Quality

Long since, education has been an accepted change technique. Education is the main causal mechanism in the modeling of behavior, analysis of the field of forces, and life and career planning. 6. Participation. This refers to activities that increase the number of people who are It allows them to become involved in the resolution of problems, targets, and the generation of new ideas. It has been shown that participation increases the quality and acceptance of decisions, work satisfaction, and which promotes the welfare of the employees. Participation is the main mechanism that sustains quality circles, collateral organizations, programmes of quality of life at work (CVT), the formation of teams, feedback surveys, and the boards of Beckhard confrontation. It is very likely that participation plays a role in most of the interventions of the OJ.

7. Increasing responsibility. This means that they clarify who is responsible for what, and they monitored the performance relating to those responsibilities. These two aspects must be present so that the liability improves the performance. OJ interventions that increase the liability are the technique of the analysis of the role, the delineation of responsibilities, the Gestal of the OJ, the life and career, circles of quality, management by objectives (APO), self-directed teams, and planning participation.

8. Power and growing optimism. This refers to the activities that provide power to people and motivate them through visions of new possibilities or new desired futures. The future must be desirable, merit and achievable. Increased energy and optimism often are the direct results of interventions such as appreciative inquiry, vision, bring together whole system in the room, the quality of life at work programmes, future search conferences, total quality programmes, the self-directed teams, etc. These are some of the areas that should be considered when planning programmes OJ, are chosen interventions, and are put into practice and managed interventions of OJ. You learn through experience, readings, workshops, teachers, and reflecting on the successes and failures..