Child eating crumbs of anguish, and the bird waiting our eyes is not can understand what observed in this striking image: a poor child eating bread crumbs scattered on the ground; Meanwhile, a bird expected is poverty and then death by starvation, in the beginning of the 21st century. Until when we have to accept the death by starvation? Others left us everything in our homes and everything this we call culture (culture of death, would say one), globalization, freedom, democracy, human rights, equal opportunities lie as villains! in view of the economic hardship that we are experiencing, in view of such poverty – of human beings – who have their bedrooms in the own streets, the sight of so much war encouraged and fostered by the major manufacturers of weapons (USA)UU., Germany, France, United Kingdom, Spain), in the light of so much social injustice that not allows to work to those who have need to do – within a prevailing free-market economy in the World whole-view of both and both free dismissal: we must ask Yes, indeed, there is something called and appointed as progress and where, it is to revive a universal history of mankind, which is binding with all countries of the world, and that run in a single direction. This universal story of mankind would be consistent, if you respected and established three steps or rungs that should settle any democratic society that boasts of being, namely: upper class, middle class and lower class. All are fears and lies, all lies and fears that leave United in a perfect gear that nobody knows where it will lead. They are good and evil together, paired, that come together to walk through these worlds of God, and that seeds of black holes as crapes, universal geography. Perhaps we are blind arrogance, perhaps we have forgotten Virgin tears, perhaps going facing a world without control or standard any low the sign of corrupt politicians, that there are children.