In the Olympic Games of Beijing 2008 that had as headquarters the Chinese city, highlighting the different technology brands such as Lenovo, the company hosts who participated in the event with 30 thousand computers that were used for scores for all athletes. Apart from these computers, Lenovo use the Internet page, where I had the sports news and events on the games, besides sports commentary for spectators and athletes. For its part, Panasonic technology company use memory cards and TV DVCPRO P2 HD cameras and HPX2000P, which represented the best image quality, exceeding the company’s international transmission of the Olympic Games Beijing Olympic Broadcasting call. Significantly, the technology company Unisys operating system integrates ‘TEACHER’ able to coordinate air traffic to 76 million passengers, 580 thousand flights per year and 124 flights per hour. And although this system is designed to give service here until 2015, during the Olympics is facing his litmus test. According to Xiong Yumei, spokeswoman for the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Tourism, is estimated at nearly half a million the number of visitors who come to the city for the Olympic Games (450 thousand people, 50 thousand athletes, coaches and delegates from different countries) . Today, Unisys processed 29 of passenger data and air bags 35 of the world. (Beijing 2008 Sports news. Analyzing all the technological advances that occurred during the Olympic Games, we can say that premium-class technology and that it can associate with what the professor said in class’ mediation of technology play a central role in the establishment of new discursive and symbolic orders’ all clear that technological advances are central and symbolic and cultural character of a society, in this case the Chinese culture. As converges to athletes, they became carriers of technology. For example, the suits of swimmers, under the name Aqua Shift is hypothesized as the most advanced because they mimic a fish’s skin and increase the speed of the athlete up to 10 percent. These suits, which also regulates heart rate and temperature of the user, were made by Adidas Shark skin was used for the first time in Sydney and refined for the broadcasting Greek. Adidas was also one who makes the suits for runners (Formotion), adjusting 100 percent to the body and providing greater movement. They were designed by computer, tailored to each athlete and include ventilation mechanisms. He joined in the courts of the Nike brand, which by its Dri-Fit technology, eliminating fatigue up to 3 percent, regulate temperature and prevent athlete’s sweat. Boxers pants, special thermal system which regulates the temperature of the athlete. Maquiladoras also by Nike, with technology 0sew not be marked to avoid skin irritation and be lightweight. Cyclists used bike this year 5 million, to function well with a carbon fiber system, which besides making them lighter, also achieved record performance. All athletes used a small radio frequency chip (attached to your number of competitors in tennis, baseball cap or shirt), which was commissioned to measure its performance in real time and record your heart rate and distance traveled.