What it is the Nothing? The Nothing is to suffocate of the all that of so repleto loses in the way it Nothing. The Nothing is the door for where you run away from surtar of the excess that all it cause. He is to escape for not drowning itself in the sea of distresses of the urgent and suffocating requirement of the all that does not stop of being and to grow. The Nothing is to stop to breathe not to die of living. He is to leave to be able to come back. The Nothing is not the emptiness, is the space in the way of one all that it does not know to stop. When so lost you are for not knowing the one that has left all of taking care of, comes the Nothing and safe you for extenuares in the search not to satisfy what you are not capable for the simple fact not to have as, therefore all is of the infinite and you are of the world. The Nothing is the absence and not it inexistence of the conscience.

She is necessary for times to leave scene for one I breathe to give in favor of the continuity of existing. The Nothing is an intermediate period of training, a floor of the way, an artifice not to give up, is one to sleep waked up not to have that to leave. When the all asphyxia the soul arrests and it in the blackout of the labyrinth without the way can see, the vacuum of the Nothing protects it leaving exempts simply to be and in nothing to have that to think and to make not to be if to energize all to come back it. The Nothing, is not-to be, is the being in out for the moment necessary not to have that to die to live. All if it loses in the Nothing in the yearning to enjoy of its wise inertia to be able to support its proper inability of being.