Some of the most recommended places to meet girls person’s bars and nightclubs. a While this may have its advantages and disadvantages. Asana may also support this cause. In a nightclub you variety and quantity idea girls, but also the most difficult (but not impossible) to know. a More likely is that going to a bar where they usually are more willing to talk with you. a In a nightclub you have the disadvantage that the lights and loud music will not let you start a conversation appropriately.

Even if you can prove your skills of a good dancer. Usually the girls in the clubs are not very open to talking to strangers or people not of their trust. But everything depends on the manner in which you try to start a conversation with them. Especially if the girls are cute. We must consider that a pretty girl heard a thousand times in a bar or nightclub the following questions of kids desperate to know: You want to dance? What’s your name? Can I buy you a cocktail? You also need to know your behavior and your personal image also influence the response that a girl can give you. Surely if these girls are beautiful film about a famous actor does not behave in a manner so “closed.” You do not have to be an actor so they want you to know, but you can do some things to which they are interested in you. How can you start a conversation in an easy and effective? When you see a group of girls in a nightclub (not necessarily be the prettiest), go and ask them the following: You: Hello (by going to the whole group and smiling).

Them: Hello (answering without much interest.) You: You know you seem to fashion. I want to do a tattoo and was discussing with my friends in that place of my body do it. a What do you think is the sexiest place to do it? They: bla bla bla (any answer they give you.) Then you can continue talking about other topics, but always try to avoid boring topics for women as study, work, economy, or on your console. You should always talk about positive things and if possible also fun. a If you have trouble finding topics of conversation, buy a magazine like Cosmopolitan or similar and see about what topics the magazine versa. a Women pay to read, then it means they care what is written in those magazines. As a final recommendation, it is much easier to meet girls in your circle of friends, through private parties, birthdays, family reunions, concerts. Take the experience of going out and meeting girls at a disco / Bara as a practice, so when you get a chance to find the girl of your dreams, do not make mistakes when meeting her.