The workshop will cover the application of the most advanced IT products, concepts and models in building enterprise IT infrastructures, organization of customer service and building management systems information security. Visitors to the workshop will be presented the methodology of integrated IT risk management, new technologies, intelligent network services. Speakers will talk about the principles of building an effective support service users about the benefits of enterprise business applications of multimedia systems. In the optimization of computing infrastructures will be considered especially use virtual PC, presented innovative technologies accelerate Java-based applications and management workload computing systems databases. Subject to a customer service organization workshop report will be disclosed on the application of a modular approach when building the call-center and report on the use of customer service on the Internet and other communication channels. The seminar "New technologies improve efficiency and anti-business "workshops will continue the cycle of AMT Group for corporate customers, in which specialists AMT Group and partners talk about the latest solutions in the field information technology and information security. To apply for participation in the workshop should fill in the questionnaire: About AMT Group AMT-Group specializes in designing, implementation and technical support of complex telecommunication and information systems: corporate multiservice networks, IP-telephony, videoconferencing, contact center management systems relationships with clients, storage systems and data, wireless and data transmission systems, information security systems, situation centers, video surveillance systems and integrated television systems, including IPTV. Among the specific solutions AMT Group to telecom operators – trunk multi-service networks, access networks, next generation network (NGN), a platform for digital services interactive television services and MultiPlay, support systems of telecom operators (OSS / BSS), as well as solutions for mobile operators. AMT-Group also provides after-sales service.