In the fairy tale that rearranging the flat TV or change the direction of the bed in his life undergoes substantial improvements do not believe it. But if you look at it another way. And if you need a supportive opportunities, for example get a raise at work or an opportunity to get rich without going into all the subtleties of Chinese metaphysics, then this article is for you. To attract the opportunities we need to disturb the fiery phoenix, which lives in the southern part of the house. Fiery Phoenix is unrivaled symbol of happiness. Its capabilities are limitless.

To enable it to determine in the living room and the southern sector use one of the following indications: 1.Razmestit ceramic or crystal figurine Phoenix, rooster, peacock or peacock feathers. 2.Razmestite bright lamp, sconce or other bright lights. 3. Element decor in red. But if you have a considerable living space, that is a more efficient way, which is as follows. Necessary to determine the southern sector at home and hang in there bright lights, crystal chandelier fits best, it does not necessarily have to be doroguschy chandelier.

You can also use small odnolampovymi crystal chandeliers. Another alternative may be crystals of quartz, which also serve not bad activator. The crystals should be hung near a window. As the possibility can ‘lure’ the house with a tapestry-Chinese Calligraphy with a character for made in classic colors. Tapestry to hang on the wall located opposite the entrance door. Here will suit just painting a beautiful landscape or a lake. In general, water in any kind whether fountain or a picture located in the lobby or in front of the door attracted huge opportunities, you just have to use them. And then you can sleep and happiness).