Certainly more in one go you have heard speak of the island of Mykonos in Greece. This island is one of that they form the archipelago of the Cyclades islands, famous ones by its incredible sun puttings, full pueblecitos of white houses and crystalline water beaches. But reason why it is known the island of Mykonos more, is by his celebration, in fact she is well-known like small Ibiza. Without thinking twice, this year I was decided to spend vacations to discover there that it is what it offered the island to me and, the truth, is that I returned enchanted since I discovered magnificent beaches, a city (the capital) wonderful and an island that as a whole the pain deserves to visit sometimes in the life. What me it left made an impression was the capital of the island, Chora. It is a town formed by a pile of white small houses and a set of labernticas streets.

In fact, although you keep a map, is almost certainly you are going away to lose. But it is that it is that is worth the trouble to lose itself enters its streets, and to discover of this form corners that if no, they do not come detailed in any guide. In addition, taking a walk between its streets, I ended up giving with the mascot of the island. It is that they have a pelican by mascot that has become super famous (Petros). The legend says that more than 40 years back, a fisherman of Mykonos encountered a wounded pelican.

So it was affected by the pelican, that decided to become position of him. After reclaiming the creature, it decided to put it in freedom. But, surprising, the pelican did not choose the air like its dwelling, but it decided to settle down in Mykonos. Every day that has happened since then, the creature occurs in center been turning of all the glances and into a celebrity.