If employees are trained to ensure that it's not telling the roaming and writing in their daily and weekly plans, which can be seen in computer through the Internet, the live head becomes much easier. And now – she awaited hope for freedom! Therefore, keep records and indexes can be daily, weekly and monthly basis. Perhaps you will say – A lot of reports, statistics and graphs! And when the same work? And here is the rule. The closer you get to the operational activities, the less time you have to keep track of. For example the seller may maintain daily Statistics, and the cashier at McDonald's can submit their statistics every hour. How much time they spent on it to record number and put a point on the graph and connect the line? Even if he goes for a pencil and ruler to the road after drinking a cup of coffee – a maximum of 5 minutes! At all – it's just the system and does not require time-consuming, but rather to reduce them. The farther you are from the tactical control – the greater the time span you see, for example: parent can keep track of weekly and monthly reports. The closer the distance, the more – the time span of control.

For example Headache continental organization monitors its branches in different countries for 3-6 week-long trends (ie, watching the trend graph and an increase or decrease over this period). As long as this organization will receive a report for the week – the situation can be corrected and improved on the ground that it is not reflected in the weekly or monthly chart indicators. Management on the basis of valuable end products and statistics – the only simple but very effective way, enabling the head distance and start to create some new projects, expansion or be able to live a full, free life and manage your business and not be held hostage. Personally, I tested this method in practice repeatedly. As a founding member of several companies that provide both goods and services can safely say – it works and I get from business and life satisfaction, as well as have the opportunity to learn and evolve as a spiritual person, and what you dear readers, I sincerely wish.