Difficulties in the way of overcoming talk a little of the conditioning that exists that it makes it difficult to overcome is do no perhaps a feeling that one is already as it is and that’s the end of history? however, in parallel all of us keep in a place of mind an image of what could be, in other words, our ideal scenario. What such if we seek, in an act of great imagination, in our head that image, whether it’s ourselves being rich, with family, or love or in place that we yearn for well, already you’re thinking about that? Do you have the clear image of your ideal reality? Now, let’s ask ourselves very sincerely why it is that not we are in fact dealing that reality, if that it is what you want at the bottom of our soul prejudices, causes, obstacles do Redordais the The Matrix film?. In fact there are prefabricated models and prejudices, generated by a series of social sources, in order to keep one in a sort of parallel to his own ideal here reality must be an exercise of the type of Alcoholics Anonymous, which consists in seeing us in this our reality and a comparison with the ideal that we thought before, and do so with complete sincerity and without mental obstacles the result tends to be a little frustrating to think openly, at the conscious level, but we are sensitive people and there is a reason why we’re not here right?.And we all know that we are not the totality of what we could be. But, why? We move forward a little, if you think: we why aren’t everything that could be? Be possibilities are endless, and we know very well that our potential is also true. We can mention factors both internal and external; internally the image you have of yourself, include for example what you have been told all your life that you are, and between the external are institutions such as religion and the State in any way conspiring (ey, beware of this word, which does not put us on the black list, better said on the negroJ website) does not they have much gain for them that each of us is a God or Yes?, it is much more lucrative that there is a God and we are all fearful servants. Not be if remember that another film 1984.

or maybe we are being too paranoid and reality is not so terribly manipulative, and in fact gives a good place to freedom? Empirically, however, it is undeniable that we are programmed to not be able to access to certain of our own potential. Ethnocentrism, which generates the tenets of other cultures we can not see as legitimate, and so let us be – so to speak – is also found within external variables, slaves from that in which we were born near the Idea if we didn’t have all these bandages cultural and personal in the eyes, we could probably operate much closer to the naturalness of a child, and we would be like babies on contact with the natural laws. But this basic clarity that the sages of humanity have shown since the beginning of time (see for example the) teachings of the Tao Te Ching) will have been censoring, to the detriment of individual growth.