At the time of raising the videos in the different platforms of visionado from videos, it is important to follow a series of habits very simple, but for that reason little nonimportant: 1. – To choose the key word by which it is wanted to position the video, so that the finders can find me with facility, and include that word in: A. – the Title, that is not greater of 60 characters B. – In the description, is not greater of 200 characters C. – and in the Tags. Between 4 or 6, whatever less good, for posicionarte 2. – If it is possible to include in the title, your page Web or the name business, this takes control of the aim so that from the beginning you can diferenciarte of the competition, and thus to position the mark of your business, that in this case would be the name of your page Web or your company. In this case we would look for to include at the end of 60 characters one or two words that represent the trade name of the company or of the campaign that we are realising.

It gives good results and it completes a good strategy of Marketing by Internet. 3. – Another very important strategy is to place in the description the connection towards your Web site, you must give facilities to the person who this seeing video so that with to a single you direct it click towards him. As I said the other day to be to a single click of Web site, and like nowadays all the platforms of lodging of videos, when you put activate it to the URL, placing it at the beginning of the description is essential. But it remembers that you must put – so that this one activates, because there are many platforms that with the.

only, the connection is not active. That this is 1 that sees, so that they have the temptation to puncture and of that way to send traffic to towards there. 4.