Many entrepreneurs know and understand how to work affiliate programs and begin to promote products with a determination to make extra money, however a large majority not achieved the expected results and is that they commit any of these 3 errors: 1. lack of focus: many people start to promote not only a product, but several products at the same time waiting so more money. However, if you have not defined an only product that should be of interest and liking of the affiliate and does not have an effective campaign to promote it hardly will get sales. It is essential to have a clear strategy and be willing to take seriously the business (promote a product as an affiliate to make money is a business!), and for being a business requires investment in time and money. 2.

Inappropriate product: An important factor for the success of an affiliate is to promote a good product, however many people consider promoting products of low cost under the belief that is easier to sell it, it generates low commissions that eventually can be counterproductive since the necessary investment (advertising, web pages, etc.) could be expensive. It is important to know how to choose a good product to promote, for that it is necessary to know what detallademente (if it is necessary to buy it, remember that it is an investment), you can also find related information in forums and discussion blogs and above all know you determine whether it is cost-effective (it must be selling frequently). 3 Effect rebound: no doubt this is the largest mistake make people in Affiliate Marketing, it’s promoting the link or link-blasting action of affiliate, many believe that by posting a banner of your affiliate to your blog or website and managing high traffic to your link web of affiliate is sufficient. If you invest time and money to send traffic to the product with your link page of affiliate itself, only 5% of the people you send possibly buy. What happens with the remaining 95% that don’t purchase? If your don’t catch the name and email of the visitors using a capture page you’re throwing money away. I really hope I helped to distinguish and avoid these common mistakes, if you want complete information and detail on the Affiliate Marketing can acquire a free complete course at the following address: success in your endeavors!