High-tech case weight for load detection in road and road construction for the first time presented on German roads and transport Congress in Dusseldorf, Germany. Innovations absent: long time has heard nothing more from the \”dynamic panels pressure test\” with the slight drop-weight tester. For too long the devices no longer developed for load measurement of soils in road construction by the manufacturers. This was incentive enough for a young company from Berlin, to develop this practical measuring instrument and to integrate more meaningful innovations in addition to an intelligent GPS system in the device. The result was presented in early October on German roads and transport Congress in Dusseldorf a broad audience and there were expected positive votes.

The light drop weight Tester TERRATEST 3000 in addition to its GPS system also features an internal memory for 2,000 measurements, as well as a practical chip card and a USB interface, with which the measurements easy on the PC can be analysed and archived. Meanwhile, the first batch of production is already sold out. Due to popular demand we have doubled the production numbers of the equipment\”, says Frank G. Schulz, Managing Director of TERRAControl, which deals with the slight drop-weight tester for over 12 years. And in fact the device through the large hexagonal ring of fishing and the orange and blue measuring computer makes a very futuristic impression underscored on closer inspection of the functions of the measuring instrument. Not only the individual test steps are displayed on a comfortable graphic display large and legible, it at the same time the corresponding legislative curves of the respective measurements of load pressure test plates are represented.

So far you could read only this on the expression. In addition, each Messchritt is confirmed by a beep, simple and practical that makes the handling of the device. The GPS-receiver with each measurement automatically registers the coordinates of the respective measuring point. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Asana and gain more knowledge..