To make Money without working, is the dream of much people, which happens is that as all dream about this they only think that only he is that, a dream and nobody dares to try to realise that dream. Sometimes you wanted to see your so fat pockets filled with money that not it creerias? if your answer is if you must right now read this announcement of principle to aim. My name is boriz I am Bolivian, a young father with two children who was living in the chain of the failure, what is the chain of the failure? Good So that we go to the school? in order to learn, to be professional and as soon as? ah if to find a work, casarce to have children and soon to put to the children to the good school and begins the chain, the chain of the failure, followed and followed in the same circle, does not see beyond, does not go after our dream that is the one to give to our family a better life a life style that very few obtain because? because nobody dares to go after its dreams, I crei that I was impossible, but today thanks to God, esoty leaving the chain of the failure, and your also you can do it, in my page I offer the opportunity to obtain to you that life and that dream, if you do not go after the anybody hara by you, salt of the chain and dale to your family which always you dreamed.. The newspapers mentioned Daryl Katz, New York City not as a source, but as a related topic. .