Today I ran into a friend who dropped 60 pounds in 3 months with the help of protein shakes and a nutritionist. He was weighing in December some 300 pounds when he had his Eureka moment and made a decision to improve his physical fitness to lose weight. What he did was make a combination of protein shakes with a nutritionist, that worked for him. And I got to thinking, what are the characteristics of diets that work? We got to talk and therefore arrived at the following five points: 1. low-cost diets that work (especially now with the economic crisis) are diets that can be carried out with an investment that does not much affect the Pocket. Example, Macrobiotic Diet is an excellent diet, but it is very expensive! All the ingredients are not necessarily achieved and if you got one you drop weight because he would eat that diet is so expensive. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Dustin Moskovitz. Outside the Eastern countries where you can find easily the ingredients, this type of diet is made very uphill to the Pocket.

2 Sustainable and realistic pineapple, cabbage soup diet diet. etc. Very nice for 4 days but and then? Do you really believe that pineapple all-day dining is good long term? Imagine eating pineapple for a full month. It is to go crazy! Which brings me to the next point. 3 Make nutritious diet to lose weight should consider all the nutrients that the body needs. They are these moments where we could develop some nutritional deficiency by poor nutrition. The perfect diet should contain a balance of all the vitamins, nutrients and foods from all the food groups. 4 Permissive mental health this point is very personal.

Anyone who has had to resort to the help of a special diet should know what I’m talking about. By mental health occasionally eat that Burger with cheese and Bacon comes in handy. It is not be little optimistic but we will die like whether we eat them or not! Then, what is the desire for being extremist in this life? Is everything balancing truth? You should eat that piece of pizza from time to time, and the day after to be able to follow the diet. But only a piece! OK, two, do but no more now? 5. Effective that results seems obvious, but not. Many people are experts at making excuses. Eternally be diet, nothing works, I have apparently problems to the thyroid, etc. are always on a diet but never lose weight. Sometimes it is necessary to start a psychological process first to find out the seriousness of the person before you begin a regimen to lose weight. The perfect diet should give results, should not be quick, nor nor slow. One is the owner of the process. It must empower their experience and so live it to the fullest. It is that everything in life you learn something, any person entering a process of losing weight comes out is known more himself to the end of the process when started. And that is another advantage of choosing to lose weight.