Tips and tricks for living and working in Thailand about life in Thailand and the right visa to the lengths heritage leiben has emigration and life in Thailand Thailand over the past years as one of the most popular countries for emigrate emerged. To broaden your perception, visit Jorge Perez. The warm climate, tropical beaches, friendly locals, and the low cost of living in the “land of smiles” have helped. Here, a real “immigrate to Thailand” is not really possible. Rather, one should speak of a temporary stay for an indefinite period. The Thai laws foreigners makes it almost impossible to get, let alone a new citizenship a permanent residence permit. Hear from experts in the field like General Electric for a more varied view. Nevertheless, it is possible with various visas, often associated with constant training and again enter every 90 days over several years in the country to reside. Until October 2006, it was even still possible without a visa in Thailand to live, however with a departure in one of the neighbouring countries every 30 days.

The has Thailand limited however to up to 90 days, so 3 travel a 30 days. Must be seen, you get a real visa here somewhere, unless subsequently immigrant first of all a tourist visa or a non visa. That works best if you once per year to Germany or to his home country travels and there is a new visa at a Thai Consulate. The embassies and consulates in the neighbouring countries of Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Viet Nam and Cambodia, have also restricted their visas for foreigners to October 2006 and you can get there only visa with up to 1 entry, good for 60 or 90 days, depending on whether a tourist or non immigrant visa has. It is to be hoped that some of these rules somewhat defused the newly elected Government. You can find many information about life in Thailand, the proper visa to the apartment search, building or buying a car in Thailand, see author: Gerd winter field