Optimal smoothing of the surface of the skin through a bio mask is every known type of skin with age as the maturity to see skin. Asana understood the implications. This is generally the beginning the progressive age constraint of the skin functions. Here, the subcutaneous fatty tissue loses its capacity. The skin appears dry, withered and wrinkles are formed. The bio mask, an enzymatic exfoliation can help here. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Dustin Moskovitz has to say. Enzymes are high molecular weight protein bodies, which significantly affect the metabolism in the organism as Biocatalysts. The Angela Bruhn cosmetics uses proteolytic enzymes in its organic form of biological peeling of the skin.

The selective action of these enzymes is that Horn blades replaced and dismantled function residues of the epidermis. Intact cells remain intact. It can unfold even better after the removal of ballast. The bio enzymatic peeling has significant advantages over other scaling methods. The bio mask from the Angela Bruhn cosmetics laboratory contains the proteolytic enzymes in addition gefassabdichtende effect components. It is suitable for Couperose and acne treatment in the same way as for the dry skin. Even sensitive, delicate skin can withstand the bio mask without irritation. The eye area is treatment included in that and shows positive effects of lifter.

The bio mask must never dry during the exposure period, otherwise slight irritation can occur. The humidity can be ensured with the Vapozon, a non-woven cloth or a plastic wrap with nostril. The following double effect can be achieved with a strong blackheads infestation (also the form of pustule-eyelet): before applying a softening mask and the blackheads from cleans after the exposure period. Then the BIOS mask is added and cleaned off after 30 minutes. Contact: Volkert Petersen Angela Bruhn in the distribution of the ola4you UG (haftungsbeschrankt) long str. 71 27749 Delmenhorst phone: + 49 4221-5842500