The good one for trying to understand the world, is that our life if becomes a perpetual learning, where daily searchs to understand yesterday, and the doubt of today with certainty will come in at some future date. Today it is happening, yesterday never more will come and the future is uncertain, but the life in the ones of the choices, and with the day to day, passed and present experience, and of the knowledge of as many differences, we tread that way that more good stops we agrees, but if we search to understand that day of yesterday, we can also understand what he will be able to come, and thus this constant search if becomes necessary it our welfare state, psicolgio and moral. The funny world, and while it of the returns, the things changes, and changes fast, almost that proportionally the speed of the rays that the Sun launches stops on the Land. – Today he is for being successful what yesterday he started if to lose, and at the same time, today this to facilitate the battle of at some future date there. He creates chances; he stipulates its goals; he does not give up, never; He fights with confico, battles mainly – with mind, and never leaves To dream, To dream of what for you are most important, what she keeps its future more close, a so next future that more it seems the gift.