Many of myriad air-tight sciences (eastern and occidental) here are filtered and its conceptions, summarized in form of aforismos. For the aid of the agreement of some subjects? in view of the complexity of the same ones? clarifying diagrams become more easy its assimilation. The graphical presentations of the diverse images objectify to impress the subconscious mind and its explanations sucintas corroborate for a deep and perfect learning of its rules. This workmanship is, in synthesis, the accumulation of long notations of twenty and seven years of exhausting studies that had been kept in secrets in the most strict secret They had been never seen by nobody. This volume is being presented in one hundred format of emends totalizing eighty and six pages that, in book format the addition of three hundred and eighty pages reaches. Eleven mandalas, criteriosamente elaborated composes a diagramtico set systemize under neurolingusticos concepts does not exist an explicit order, no exclusive session, no thematic division or to capitulate, everything is in accordance with the order of my studies, in the pursuing of the steps where I trod and in the accurate position where they had been ‘ ‘ encontrados’ ‘. The perception of everything in the life is in the elements that the understanding of its principles accumulates of meanings the proper existence it becomes and it transparent. This is the reason of the spreading of these notations. ‘ ‘ THE KEYS OF THE SECRETS OF THE VIDA’ ‘ they disclose many of the mysteries of the existence and will have to prepare the reader for the meeting of as much others, and still it will make with that if it becomes apt and conscientious of its powers interior to conquer any things that to long for.