Internet Gets a lot of information about what is Marketing in Internet or Internet Marketing, as well as marketing techniques used. My intention in this article is to show beginners or those who are initiated in this business like this conformed marketing in internet, a kind of very basic map or guide, but that brings an idea of how the marketing function in internet. 3 Main actors are involved in the internet marketing: the customer product and you affiliate-merchant in Internet your role is basically to supply the customer a product that meets their needs or solve their problems. The process involves the following steps: 1. find a niche which focus: important thing here is to find something that passionate about it or much interested, and in such a way is easier to be successful. For example if you like music, you can find a niche in this industry and to do this you must do market research using tools like Google Keyword Tool, where you can get ideas for your niche.

2. Now that you already have your niche and he knows the needs of the same, which I determine in its research, the next step is to find a product that meets those needs or problems. At this point the product can be created or supplied by you or promote other products. The promote products of others is the more common because there are many affiliate networks where you can get the product that may be suitable for your niche. Between the affiliate networks most important and popular in where you can get the product found: ClickBank Linkshare Commi ssion Junction 3. Now that we have a niche and a product to offer, the next step is to align this product with their niche and for this there are several marketing techniques that will help you attract traffic to your website, blog, article, or any any means you choose to communicate with your niche or audience.