Reasons, so consultant Anne M. Schuller, are home-made the number of those who feel their employers connected and engaged and motivated to do their job, goes further back. So the 2008 work climate barometer of IFAK Institute in Taunusstein, determined only 12 per cent of the 2000 Representative interviewed the German workers and employees committed to your company (in the previous year 15 percent), while 24 percent expressing no binding, so mentally already have announced (last year 22 percent). The rest of 64 per cent, so the current investigation, coil from a mandatory program. Read additional details here: P&G. The damages of this development: reduced productivity, increased absenteeism and a lower output of ideas. And not only that. Also the willingness of recommendation for the employer and its offerings are further decreased.

The most obvious result of this year’s study: the acute willingness to change the little bound employees have risen dramatically. 69 percent of them expressed the intention of to switch within the next 12 months. Only 37 percent were in the previous year. Particularly deficits in personnel management were to blame’s plight, so the market research Institute. More than a third of the disaffected would according to the study, if they could dismiss her boss immediately. The consequences of this development, so Anne M. Schuller, leading expert in loyalty marketing in the German-speaking countries, show also on the revenue side: the customers in droves to run the company. Rising disloyalty is less, but, according to Saeed a social phenomenon and have also not only with current labour market capable of doing, but was essentially homemade.

The largest in-house loyalty killer lists them as follows: lack of humanity, loss of confidence, constant internal restructuring and a bad management of the separation. Their conclusion: The faithful stupid customer was yesterday – and old management models no longer work. “In her new book, customer proximity in the boardroom ‘, just with Orell” Fussli has appeared, promotes management consultant Schuller customer-focused corporate culture and a new style of leadership: the customer-focused leadership. Both together do unique – and thus unkopierbar company. More info: