the human development comes in such a way being studied for the biological conception, with the union of gametas masculine and feminine and its transformations in a human being, as for the psychological conceptions that occur during this transformation.

We believe that the relation mother-baby (or another figure of attachment-baby) either very important the form as process of psychic development of the baby if initiates (case the baby does not present no congenital malformation or any another upheaval that disables the psychic functioning ‘ ‘ normal’ ‘). Of the one not to say in the relation mother-baby, mainly in the initial phase, immediately after the birth, without mentioning Bowlby and its theory of the Attachment. The theory of the attachment considers that the quality of the relations of attachment (Former: unsafe insurance or) depends on the interactions between dade mother-child. The safe attachment, for example, depends on the contingent responsividade of the parents in relation to the baby, that is, of the capacity of the adult in revealing sensible to the signals of the baby and answering at the moments adjusted with the smile it says, it, etc. the mental health of the child depends of that it has a warm relation, close and continuous with its mother (or a substitute with equal paper for it) in which both find satisfaction and pleasure.