Smoking is pleasure, sensual etc. Thus began an ancient melody that could be heard on the radio more than 50 years ago in those year already is I knew cigar produced CANCER, for its high content of toxic chemicals (nicotine, tar, arsenic, etc. carbon monoxide) but now also our environment is already loaded with substances harmful to our bodypollution from cars and factories. It is well known that those who live with a smoker, are also smokers, passive smokers called: as the case of a friend who died of pneumonia by cigar and his wife shortly also died due to the smoke that had inhaled by years without that she suspected it. For more specific information, check out Ping Fu. If you smoke 5-6 cigarettes per day, it is already on the way to be an addict, but if you eat 10, 20 or two daily cigarette definitely is a dependent addict, because cigar is a drug such as alcohol, marijuana, cocaine. Our body is a sanctuary created by God to be cared for, protected and our life must be full and full of health, if we get sick only we are responsible for and no more.

During the first and second world war, and during the Viet Nam conflict soldiers suffered from great stress undoubtedly that was threatening their lives, and to ease that nervousness consumed large amount of cigars which soothed them anxiety and that gave them the army, but then became addicted and the vicious continued, therefore not having nicotine in your body came irritability and soothe it again cigars. It is now the same, young people begin to consume by FRY or because their peers do, they are pressured by the media, or because they see their parents who are consumers, at the beginning are only 1 or 2 cigarettes and gradually increasing the quota, then come the holidays, nights of revelry and so everything is on the rise and even more mesclan with alcohol. Those who ultimately are responsible for preventing early: we the parents if you are already addicted to the cigar, there is solution to stop doing so take now the determination and your life will change radically. Governments spend thousands of dollars a year to treat diseases caused by cigar and thousands of people die because of this, money that could be devoted to other areas.