It is now known that an object Yes particle – by minimum mass having cannot never achieved the speed of light, since this increases in geometric progression with speed, and just before reaching the speed of light would be infinite mass. Acceleration occurs through super-conductive magnets and simultaneously match bursts through the inside of the ducts. It is easier that they collide two bullets fired from the ground and the Moon two atoms in the Hadron, they collide Hadrons are all via smaller.-electrical energy needed for magnets reaches 147 k/amps. for which you need a power cord which is found in a regime of 260 degrees to be able to withstand such intensity, will get similar temperature thanks to the dangerous gas helium. -260 K is the lowest temperature known, being the deep space, or absolute zero. Everything is synchronized by 150 computers connected together as if one only were, for an operation that lasts a few nano-segundos. A person who embrace the duct would be killed by radiations emitted during operation almost instantly.

By which quarks! A Microbe deposited in one page of paper has no perception of the 3rd dimension – or known – you will only see and be known in the flat horizontal longitudinal and transversely, the dimension height for him does not exist. Human being knows, sees and experiences in four dimensions if we count the time – in the Hadron Collider, the consequence of the clash of them generates a new particle, Quark, remember that in the universe nothing is created or destroyed, is transformed! This particle has a property, and it has been recently demonstrated, with collision, go scattered in all directions, until here everything is normal, but there are some that change of material dimension, disappear, that do not disintegrate, acquiring another State of matter. In search of the divine particle. Now the concern of the brains are, in as develop the zero moment of the universe, dark matter not the dark side, as I heard yesterday, and black holes are only step – from the dear Quark traced far let carry seeking the first particle of the universe, scientists have already dubbed it as: the particle’s divine, which is the Bosson of Higs and get to all the bottom of quantum mechanics. I remember the novel Dune that that civilization wise manipulate space to travel enormous distances, folding space. Perhaps this utopia can become a reality, we do not know when or where at the moment will only keep dreaming.