Four of wands is a card that produces pleasure when you exit revealed in the circulation of the tarot. This is the time of view backward, and happily analyze what we have achieved so far. At first, we can say that it is a very positive letter, however, it is necessary to remember that all arcana have a double facet. And this letter is no stranger to this reality. This card reminds us that success can be enjoyed for a time, but we can not rest on the laurels. You must never let grow, learn and live.

The energy of the rough is very special, as seen throughout the cards of this suit. Generally speaking, these arcana power refers to a success in the material world, to a company that starts with the right foot, or a project that has a good foundation. Marriage and childbirth are often predicted by the appearance of this card. Four of wands is the letter that speaks to us of the reward for all those who have worked to the best of your ability. It is a Charter related to justice, that greater arcane, because it shows that the hard work is rewarded to the Finish.

Another point on which four of wands is related to justice is the necessity of placing order to create. Chaos nothing can go well and is a need for clear guidelines to employ the enengias that actually matter.This letter tells us that it is necessary to achieve a balanced life, and that such life exists and can be accomplished. Four of wands defines the end of a cycle, and the beginning of a new one, as maintains it the deep symbolism of this illustration. Noting the letter we see a castle in the background, and its inhabitants of feast. It is lgico that the realization of the plans designed to be held. Also in the vine that is formed by the four bastos, pergola roof we can see the fruits, undisputed symbol of life and abundance. In a nutshell, the appearance in the four of wands tarot Chuck is extremely auspicious. However, also warns us that not must be lowered arms, since work is only partly finished and much remains to be done.