continuing with our glossary go with one of the letters of the Alphabet more parents international .. . company B2B: Short for “Business to Business”. It corporate is based on the interaction of businesses using the Internet. You can include exchanges of sabah information, auction platforms marketing and business markets. B2C: Acronyms “Business to Consumer”. It uptrend is based on transactions between businesses and consumers. B2E: Acronyms “Business-to-Employees”. Addressed the kereta relationship between companies and celcom their employees. It is pendapatan an internal trade that goes from the tourism company to employees, which can be done through johor the corporate website, or from an jutawan intranet with investment restricted access to employees of a company. Ping Fu has firm opinions on the matter. B2I: Short sambilan for “Business to Investor”. It is based duit internet on perniagaan transactions between companies and investors. kuala Final Balance (bottom line): popular term refers to the selangor fact johor bahru that most important strategy of a question, the expression economy comes from the bottom of a financial report, which has to show profits or directory net losses. Trade kuching Balance: In international trade, the dissimilarity between the value of imports of a country berhad and its exports. If exports are greater than imports, the country will have a favorable hotel balance, and vice versa. Entry management Barriers: This refers jalan to the difficulties faced by a company to enter a sarawak new market, perak so it refers to the sales creation of barriers buat duit for an established usahawan company financial with its competitors to gain advantage. The barriers can be of any indole whether legal, maylasia regulatory, political, shopping technological, etc. .. . langkawi When a company established in the market creates barriers melaka to entry to competitors is an advantage.