ICO 11:28 ' ' It is examined, therefore, the man itself mesmo' ' III. It will be that the presence of God alone if becomes reality in the meetings of the church? These days a young friend that I knew in the Orkut wrote for me saying that she had been baptized with the Espirito Santo in house, and asked, this and possible? Evident that this question if originated for the fact of it to be in doubts thinking that to receive the baptism with Espirito Santo it would have that to pass all for that ritual where some worker would have that for the hand on of its head and speech in its ear hours without end to give to Glorias the God without stopping. Certain? Clearly that not. The standard to receive the baptism with the Espirito Santo and life saint and searchs untiring for the baptism, therefore I said it who stops receiving the baptism with the Espirito Santo, I necessarily do not need to be in a cult, but yes in an interior position prepared To receive this gift from God. Jesus also baptizes yes with the Espirito Santo in house. Many examples of people exist who had been baptized when she was not in the church that was told in the Bible, as well as exists example of baptism with the Biblical extra Espirito Santo where the person was not in the church. But if until possible baptism and to receive without being in the church, will be that then all Christians would not have to feel the presence of God want either in house, the work, in the bus, in they travel etc. In our days what he calls me the attention and that almost all the brothers who gain chance to praise or to bring a word say, of this the hour that I arrived here in this church that I am feeling the presence of God.