What it is Globalization? Which are the general aspects of this basic subject of geographic science? The related phenomenon is an advanced stage of the capitalist socioeconmico system or an essentially economic process of world-wide integration. ' ' mundos' ' relatively isolated of the past they had given place to a world in net (sistmico), that is, a planet with excellent connections between nations. Two divergent perspectives in the study of the mundializao exist. The first one if relates to ' ' shrinking of mundo' '. Second the perception is mentioned to it that the same is ample or gigantic. This is related to the significant development or technological increment that ' ' it shortened distncias' ' , the intense fluidity of the global space (circulation of capitals, people, information, raw material and merchandises), to the sprouting of complex nets of communication/transport in the planet and the rapidity that the information arrive until the units domiciliary of a parcel of population, this raises the complexity of the world contemporary, in contrast of the planet before the globalization, where the information vagarosamente arrived the localities and many did not arrive until some places, due the diverse factors of historical and geographic order. With regard to what it was mentioned above, can be evidenced that the mundializao became homogeneous the world-wide space? Certainly not, this phenomenon incited the social inaqualities and regional, that is, it became heterogeneous the global space. Integration is relative, because areas exist that are practically closed or establish inexpressivas relations with the world, for example, the African continent and the Amaznia of Brazil.

These spaces are to the edge of the great flows of people and capitals. The phenomenon dinamizou the economy of definitive regions, while others had economically remained estagnadas or had had its situations aggravated for the process, with this, the possibilities of insertion ascension in the professional scope is bigger for the citizens who live in cities where the capital strong is installed and is lesser for that they live in ' ' cities rurais' ' insignificant inside of a proper logic of the capital (national and multinational). This does not want to say that it offers of job in the Metropolises or same in the cities of average transport is excellent, in these also has unemployment and under employment. Therefore, the globalization is an including geographic phenomenon with consequences and contradictions. This organized the world in net bringing easinesses/advantages for the world-wide businesses, preferential for the economic mega-entrepreneurs (proprietors of transnational companies) or agents and at the same time it deepened the social and regional disparidades.