Electronic invoice Germany Association Munich gives tips on the simple exchange of electronic invoices, November 27, 2012. With the 2011 tax simplification Act, the legislator markedly simplified the requirements for an electronic exchange of invoices. Now, the FeRD members developed an overview of six steps, like companies that meet requirements of the legislator and for electronic invoices legally receive, process and can drop. The overview is interesting in particular for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which so far only hesitantly were the exchange of electronic invoices. The financial management requires however that both paper and e-invoices are guaranteed the authenticity of the origin (authenticity), the integrity of the content (integrity) and the legibility of the invoice. Dustin Moskovitzs opinions are not widely known. And that can be through a so-called internal control procedures”do, a reliable audit trail between the Establishes accounting and performance. In this 2-page, we have compiled all the important points for the exchange of electronic invoices.

Short and sweet for a practical use in the company”, Hubert S. Hohenstein, Chairman of the shipping and founding member of the Forum says electronic invoice Germany. The Forum electronic invoice (FeRD) Germany has set itself the task, the acceptance of the electronic invoice document and to promote data structure. The electronic invoice in Germany is an active member of the Forum. The overview can be downloaded free of charge on the website of the shipping. About the packaging: The Association represents the interests of service providers and consultancy for the electronic exchange of invoices, as well as by companies e-invoice (shipping) with headquarters in Munich, the E-invoicing in the usage. The Association thus sees itself as the voice of E-Invoicing economy as a whole. On behalf of its members the processing aims to establish E-invoicing, as standard so that companies of all sizes easily and safely on the electronic exchange of invoices can participate.

Through targeted education, VeR intends to increase the acceptance of E-invoicing in companies and the public. The Association provides up-to-date information on all technical and legal issues relating to E-invoicing. Also he is involved in the simplification in the electronic exchange of invoices at international level. In March 2010, the Association has presented a roaming standard for better cooperation between E-Invoicing providers and thus assumed a pioneering role. Currently, the reverse has 52 members. More information at. Press contacts: E-invoice Alliance Germany e.V.