Not I go to transcribe for this reflection, dedicated to one of the days most symbolic of the year, where the homesickness for the absentees if makes to feel of particularly painful form, many of the innumerable notice on the deeply degradante state where millions of people for this world live are in general e, thousand from that, in Portugal, they suffer the cruelest privations from a life that nor always smiled to them, and that we cannot nor we must ignore this reality that to all, of some form, also in culpabiliza. Christmas is party of the family, joy, hope in a better future, believing that we have capacities, determination and enthusiasm enough to be successful, a time more, the difficulties gifts and reconstructing a worthy future of the person human being, new horizontes of prosperity, with health, peace, friendship, work and happiness. We, Portuguese, already demons tests to the world of what we are capable, eventually, in situations well more complex. The values that as much characterize in them, some of which sensible and lived of very singular form, as the homesickness for all those that, diverse circumstances of the life, cannot follow in them on this day that, although everything, we will have of strengtheing in them so that it is of party, with more or less material abundance, with more or less comfort, but that it can be of sincere Friendship and pardon, in the heat of the love of that truily they are loved, any that is the nature of the love: conjugal, maternal, paternal, filiar, fraternal and in that also it will have to follow in them daily that he is Love-of-Friend. Party of the family, time also to reflectirmos in the past, the gift and in what we intend to be, to make and to live, in a future that, the gift, we projectamos with hope, projectos, desires, with legitimate ambition, for us, for our familiar ones, but for our true friends, yes because these, when loyal, solidary, insiders, council members, abetters and that, always and unequivocally are of our side, are as our familiar closest ones.