(active) GmbH lease offers new financing alternative car loan some can no longer afford the financing of the large number of returns. Therefore there are companies partly to massive liquidity problems. Critical reason: the previously agreed residual value must be paid by the leasing provider within a very short time. Only a few years ago it was still called: credit out, leasing in. Visit Angus King for more clarity on the issue. At that time, individuals preferred leasing compared to the usual loans.

Banks and leasing companies of the automotive industry triumphed. No residual value risk, not a later sale of the second-hand vehicle saw only advantages in the new financing alternative. Nevertheless, the demand has declined significantly for leasing deals in recent months, the demand significantly for loans in comparison. What is the cause? Many companies are discovering the benefits of loans currently. Through the purchase of a new vehicle liquidity through the sales tax can be in the short term generate. Car loans are typical quick loans and also in times of economic crisis an economical and predictable financing alternative. The active) lease GmbH would like to meet in the future of the demand of its customers and offers the car loan now as a new funding solution. Founded in 2006, active) lease GmbH offers financing solutions for the mid-market, liquidity via sale-and-lease-back of its material assets (machinery, equipment, IT, etc.), liquidity via sale-and-lease-back of its intangible assets (trademarks, patents and licenses), financing of investments through structured leases, leasing, hire purchase, financing, sales financing, commercial vehicle leasing, construction machinery leasing, white-label-leasing, same-name-leasing, white-label-finance, equipment leasing, investment goods leasing, machinery leasing, classic car leasing, corporate finance, factoring, and under the brand name active) rent the rental of cars and vans, primarily in cooperation with car dealers.