Ps. Alexis Fernando Jimenez Carlos Armando A evangelizing met him through mime and theater performances. Usually done in a park, leading to the meadows and flowers that were dying in the afternoon, the color and joy awakened to know the Good News. About gathered men, women and children, slowly and without realizing, they were entering into that fantasy world where reality at bay with the imagination, and we fly to other scenarios, illusion and dreams. Minutes later I heard laughing or show expressions of sadness, as the drama progressed. Without the white that covered his face, and the black suit that made him a disciple of the great mimes, Carlos Armando was someone else. He went every Sunday with his wife and four year old daughter to church service. For hours we talked about the concern that we identified: to find strategies for reaching thousands of people with the gospel message.

She moved to another city. In the denomination, which began attend, gave him a defiance that led him to experience disappointment and changed the image I had of the leaders. He would not accept that this was an isolated incident and that the failure of a pastor, we can not judge others. If you would like to know more about Daryl Katz, then click here. He did not congregate. – Do not think it necessary to go to a temple to worship God. At home I can do, and also read the Bible and, of course, pray-I said the day I invited him to return to his congregation. Yesterday I heard of Carlos Armando.