Safer driving pays off: their lower risk rewards the insurance with lower contributions than in young men. In contrast to men, women can be assured much cheaper, because they have less accidents. ron Corp.. What has probably always suspected the supposedly weaker sex, is now statistically recorded: women are safer drivers. they cause far fewer accidents. Also, in accidents involving injury to a lesser extent, they are affected than men. The insurance industry knows that.

Because insurance companies have to calculate according to the risk, women and the elderly will build cheaper car insurance than e.g. Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta is likely to increase your knowledge. young men, nearly double compared to the overall average as many accidents. Men under 24 years of age pay the most for their car insurance. As the Federal Statistical Office 2008 recently published the development of accidents on German roads, approximately 66,500 men aged between 18 and 24 years in an accident on the road were involved. On the other hand were less than 40,000 women of same age in traffic accidents involved. They pay are fortunately decreasing in both sexes for several years. Information for 2009 can already be given for the most common causes of accidents. So, the Federal Statistical Office declared failed to turn, turning, reversing, as well as on and starting”as the most common cause for a road traffic accident. An inappropriate speed would be only the second leading cause. Major-accident, but still the drunken driving games an important role, although this would have declined compared to 2008 by 10%.