Spectacular. Perhaps with this word is enough to describe one of the most spectacular international events can be enjoyed in the world. Of course a matter of pride for every self-respecting Spanish, counting among our rich cultural heritage as wonderful as a party which lives in Valencia from 15 to 19 March each year. Las Fallas, makes the stunning city of Valencia in a completely different place. And is that if Valencia has many attractions, the Fallas make twice as appealing. From the day of the first mascletas Crider and daily starting from the first day of March, the city smells of gunpowder and the party. But the big week is the one that starts from 15, with the plant, where over three hundred monuments that honored the streets of Valencia begin to appear. Fallas week is a week of illusion, walking the streets of Valencia is to do for a place in which we find fault with stunning both for adults and children, accompanied by his inseparable ninots and that there is always room for humor, satire and criticism of the events of the year that has passed, shaping and other famous people that make imaginary works of artists falleros authentic monuments worthy of admiration, are the size they are.

But not only is art, Valencia is the city of lights, fireworks, fire and music. Walking through the city and its surroundings is enjoying the endless walking sound of firecrackers and fireworks. Failures are also concerts, firework displays, horse riding, mascletas monumental light and varied cuisine. And they do not understand the flaws without a stop on the way to sample their wonderful donuts and pumpkin donuts with hot chocolate. On the 19th night, it’s time to turn off the lights and give way to fire ritual, in which the monuments have been for five days decorating the beautiful city of Valencia, burn the culmination of an amazing holiday, leaving between dreams and flames falleros joys, Valencia and visitors, as well as reviving the hopes of a 2011 failures and are more cerca.