With the help of a mathematician, Internet technology, network marketing, the imagination of two businessmen, and after registration in the Lotteries Council, you can get prizes from lottery EuroMillions in all and each one of the sweepstakes without buying tickets. Tom Brodie who has 12 years experience in sales, marketing, development of databases and marketing Internet and Len Fitzgerald opened in 1984 one of the first United Kingdom video rental stores founded the Elottery syndicate in April 2002. As there is no one in the world who do not want to earn a fortune in the lottery, both thought to find a way to help achieve their dreams to the greatest possible number of people. They hired a Professor of mathematics at the University, they thought about how they could achieve their goals and came to the system of the Union, which increases the odds in favor of lottery players. People who play with their trade union system will get a major advantage over players normal, that they play alone. They will have higher chances of getting fat, and win more prizes and money. Its system allows people from all over the world play two of lotteries with biggest duty-free Awards: the national lottery in the United Kingdom and the Euromillions, the European lottery.

In the Euromillions, each player chooses 5 main numbers from 1 to 50 and 2 numbers star 1-9. There are 12 categories of awards. For award, you must hit at least 3 numbers of the winning combination. To get the FAT (which can be shared), it is necessary to guess the 5 main numbers and two stars. Given that the system that has developed works via a mathematical permutation of two stars, just hit a major number for prize.

Each player the Union receives a fixed series of numbers, and, according to the system of the Union, you just have to guess a number to get an award from the EuroMillions. The advantage in the Union is 3600% more likely to remove the fat from the EuroMillions. The odds of getting an award become only 1 in 10. Thanks to the implementation of network marketing in the system, each Member carried the electronic Union five other people will begin to play for free. From there, you will receive commissions for each additional member and will receive an additional series of toll-free numbers for each group of 15 new members. his is the trick to win the Euromillions Lottery prizes every week without buying tickets. In the Euromillions, each player Union receives a fixed series of five numbers, and simply one of the numbers out in the draw to win a prize in the Union. As there are fifty major numbers in total, from one to fifty, players that have many series of numbers will cover all the range of numbers, and in the worst cases, acertaran each number of the draw in 5 different numbers and unions series, so it will get five awards.