Reorganization of business done in such events: the sale of a business enterprise, changing the type of organization, the end of life of the company, if you disconnect one of an independent organizatsiyui so on. The process of enterprise restructuring is often copied the process of formation, for a new business is based. Share five types of reorganization of commercial organizations: convert, split, merge, separation, joining. Let us consider in more detail on each type of reorganization. The merger means the base of several companies the only new, passing it all the duties and rights. While the united company liquidated.

Connection – an occurrence of one organization into another with the closing of the first. While the second plant is operational. In the separation of all enterprises cease to exist, and others created a new organization structure. Isolation means isolation from the original company of any number of independent companies, so that the company continues to donor exist. Conversion – is the creation of new enterprises with different forms of dissolution of the original company. Law firms often provide such services during the reorganization of commercial enterprises: the collection of documents associated with the reorganization, the collection of any necessary documents for bodies; advice on the restructuring, development of the reorganization, the collection of internal company documents, collecting other papers.

In addition to restructuring the company and may be subject to liquidation. The elimination of the organizations in Moscow suggests stopping his work without the right of transfer of rights and responsibilities to other organizations. Liquidation is forced (by public authorities) and voluntary (the founders). To eliminate binding of the following securities: liquidation balance sheet; decision of the board of shareholders or the court on liquidation; decision to establish a liquidation committee; other necessary documents. Liquidation LLC (Moscow) is considered complete when the USRLE be entered on the elimination and prepared the necessary evidence. These Documents obtained after payment of registration fee and working with tax authorities and extra-budgetary funds. Regulated term liquidation company – from six months to 12 months.