Biologists and psychiatrists are right about one thing, humans have a tendency to put ourselves first. For example, you can not save anyone from drowning, until you save your first, these men of science, argue that it is only natural survival mechanism, a way of propagating the species. However, what began as a survival mechanism, it has spread to every part of our daily life. In business, the same mechanism exists, but beware, you can play for you or against you. One of the most common mistakes is to focus on the needs of self and not their customers. If you want to succeed, you must change that. Especially you focus on your needs and also understand them.

Yes, I know, now you must be thinking … "No kidding Sherlock, I know," although the reason is a bug in common is because you you did a profit-egocentric, right? Maybe you want to be your own boss for more money, time, hate your job, etc. That is normal, I did the same. I started working on my own, not wanting to work for others. So when you start your business with egocentric purposes, it is easy to forget to change the "chip" and lose focus on serving your customers. But here's the kicker, when you give your customers what they want and need, your financial goals are achieved. Example: You have a group of smokers who love to get together on weekends to play cards, chat, etc.. while sipping your favorite drink and smoke a pack of Winston.

You know you are endangering your health but they love these weekly meetings, not for anything would change what makes this group of people? Cessation of course, but if you offer a product to stop smoking, you are wasting your marketing efforts. This group is what you need to quit, but it is NOT what you want. This group should offer products such as nicotine or nozzles to hold cigars. It is not the same thing that WILL NEED. You will encounter this type of error in many sectors. For example a group of overweight people who need to lose weight, but they want clothes that make them thinner. So you must know your market, no matter to whom you're headed or what product or service you sell. If you want to succeed, make sure that your customers want your product, or rather, desperately want your product, and for that you have to drill deeper into what they need and want. More information