What can you do about dry eyes? How to dry eyes handle best? What can you do about dry eyes? How to dry eyes handle best? Dry eyes can not be cured. However, no one must live with dry eyes and torment themselves around a lifetime with this affliction. There a number of things you can do to treat dry eyes. You should consult your eye doctor, which the existing treatment options for dry eyes for you in question and which is the best of them for you. Dry eyes are most common with artificial tears and ointments treated. This treatment with artificial tears is usually the drug of choice for dry eyes. You can buy artificial tears quite easily without a prescription at the pharmacy. Not every brand works with all affected equally artificial tears.

Therefore, you should try different products until you find the best individual. If you have chronic dry eye, you should also the drop apply if you have any eye discomfort, to keep eyes well lubricated. If your eyes dry out while you are sleeping, you can try a thicker lubricant, like an ointment at night. There are also prescription eye drops which increase producing tears the eyes themselves. Other medications, such as topical steroids, can be helpful in some cases. If a medication is not fruit, it is necessary to close the channels that drain the tears from his eyes. To do this, there is the selective occlusion. First, it progresses to a temporary one-off occlusion.

This is a painless procedure, where quickly resolved closures in the tear drainage ducts of the lower lids are inserted himself. This is a temporary method that is used to determine whether permanent closures would permanently cause a sufficient supply with tears. If the temporary blockage of the tear drainage ducts good works, follows the permanent ad hoc occlusion. This silicone seals are used. The closures keep the tears in my eyes as long as they do exist and can be removed. Rarely, the closures can spontaneously fall out or hiking in the tears down. Many patients feel better after this procedure and need less artificial tears. Finally it is sometimes necessary to resort to a surgical solution, if nothing else helps. The tears drain channels out of sight in the nose are permanently closed, keep more tears in the eyes. Such an operation is performed as an outpatient with local anesthesia. After this operation, there are no restrictions on physical activities. This should make even the most persistent cases of dry eyes under control, dry eyes must accompany anyone for a lifetime.