As of July 15, 2008 till July 20, 2008 on a computer in your area! Supports “Writers Guild of America” and all actors and directors who have taken up the fight against money-grabbing Studio bosses!Please visit the page where at that time, the first episode of a miniseries will be shown (by the makers of Buffy, Angel, Firefly, and serenity!) from the description. The two additional episodes provided the 17.07.08 and the 19 in the network, where they remain until the 20.08.08! Is very funny and worth watching! And serves a good purpose! The studio bosses indicating that directors and actors not on they are instructed to reach a large audience!And if you have no time or inclination, it said just as many people! If you you but want to see the mini series (and you would not regret sure, I promise!) seidauch please fair, then you burn it, not black! She will appear soon on DVD. The crew (including the one or the other well known actor!)has worked without Gage and receives only the fair share of the revenue from DVD sales and legal downloads! You would want to work Yes not even for free, or? So, check out page on the Dr. horrible, proves your sense of Justice, supported writers, directors and actors who filled you with good entertainment some evening and have simply fun! Rebecca Sindel PS: You can’t stop the signal!.