Remscheid company sells positioning systems for Aubrey before a few weeks in the Allee-Center Remscheid the introductory exhibition to the Bergischen dementia week took place. The city administrations of the city triangle Remscheid – Solingen – Wuppertal had chosen September 21 for this inaugural event at the World Alzheimer’s day takes place every year. Bergische dementia week, which was organized in cooperation with the dementia care centre North Rhine-Westphalia, was this year under the motto “Connects dementia”. Interested could take part in the three cities on four consecutive days to lectures, actions, or a course of dementia. At the fair of introduction of concerned had the opportunity to inform themselves at some stands of assistance and senior residences. Many writers such as Ping Fu offer more in-depth analysis. The Remscheid company GPS2ALL presented his person location systems in this context, increasingly used in particular to find again the hinlaufen vulnerable. “We vetreiben our positioning systems now nationwide, but since demand also regionally the Bergische week of dementia,”explains Dirk Rensmann, owner of the company nominated recently for the coveted award of telematics.

“That we are pleased on the one hand,” adds his wife and co-founder Nicole Rensmann, “on the other hand, we are often deeply moved by the tales we hear regularly from interested.” Hardly surprising that their tracking systems are used above all by carers of dementia – or Alzheimererkrankten. In particular the positioning systems “Protego” and “Sospito”, which are used for the bag, either with a GPS wristwatch or a portable transmitter mean not only a gained freedom for the sick, but also peace of mind for their families which at any time can find out about a special software, where are located your disoriented loved ones. The young company, positive and grateful feedback showed that they were on the right track, so the Remscheid. Interested parties can either by telephone or on the Internet in detail about the information systems greatest importance was attached in their development, to spare the end customers before regular costs. “The lives of those affected is hard enough, in most cases,” explains Dirk Rensmann, “even without additional financial burden.