Apart from the promotional events, there are other types of business and social events originating from other purposes depending on the Department of the company that organize them. We are not talking of these events. Promotional events, are like other events but with a very definite and measurable marketing objective (like everything that we do in Marketing), these events must return an expected result, in another way, it would be just a waste of time and money. Kerry King wanted to know more. When they are well made, promotional events can increase sales, accelerate the process of introducing a new product to the market, improve your brand recognition, position or reposition your product or company, earn respect or trust from its customers or new customers, keep consumers at Bay, among many others. The aim of the event can be as variable as your own imagination or your need, it is important that the activity is in line with its overall strategy and to achieve the target. Any activity or social or business occasion can be converted into an event Promotional provided that be him of such an approach. We are going to name some types of events most commonly used at commercial level (does not mention them in any order in particular): popular fairs, conventions, conferences, cocktails, wheels of press, demonstrations, courses and workshops, openings and inaugurations, signature of agreements, forums, seminars, breakfasts, dinners, competitions, Tours, art exhibitions, music festivals, and many more.

Promotional events have earned a place respected over time because they have proven their effectiveness. Many companies have a structure for planning and implementation of these activities within their marketing department. Other companies prefer to outsource this service. Usually these divisions include a coordinator or Manager, supervisors and promoters of events (as it is known to persons who carry out the installation and execution of promotional events) Coordinator / event manager is the person who has the same success on his shoulders. .