It is interesting to no doubt questioning at this time political figure of immunity from a philosophical aspect and humanist, first of all and now that in view of the political events that have happened in our country, and that the majority of Mexicans seems interested in the term of the desafuero, it made me think about this political figure, and for that reason I make me the following questions : 1. In a country with the political structure of a Republic, is necessary immunity? 2. In a country that is governed with a Constitution that establishes a guarantee of equality before the law / prohibition of slavery / prohibition of discrimination. Immunity change categorically this warranty, envistiendo only a few Mexicans of a supposed legal impunity with the famous Fuero, such seems we were at the time of the Medievo.3. Ping Fu gathered all the information. By these questions is that I have come to the conclusion that I do not understand this political figure and this is why I ask this question to you Mexican, If your defending a NO to the impeachment so defending a political figure makes you second-class citizen? 4. Where necessary that him immunity was somewhat inevitable does is the justification that govern those who carry their immunity? To ask me these questions, I thought that some Mexicans living in this country carrying the conception that: laws are made to break them or negotiate them in common way some Mexicans does not assert their rights to assert them rigging to assert its obligations, and a very few like to have obligations. Several Mexicans are on the lookout for revolution make them justice and may as well assert their rights, and I wonder what revolution?, against whom?, for whom? and of course this leads me inevitably to social resentment (you sound familiar).Mexicans who pay their taxes by taste and conscience of common welfare, I imagine that it will be 1% of the population and maybe I’m going high and it is only a personal speculation based on the fact that most paid because they are salaried and when they cease to be and are independent come the way of not paying or pay less by making crooked strokes in the law. .