Election to the regional and General Assembly ends on the 05.04. Learn more about this with 3D Systems. The current term of the Assembly of industry Chamber of Commerce and Chemnitz – responsible for the region of Southwest-Saxony – ends mid of this year. Until the 5th of April, all eligible business owners and entrepreneurs could submit their ballots and determine the candidates for the regional or General Assembly. A variety of interesting and dedicated entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs from the region of South-West Saxony applied for this task in the regional or General Assembly and thereby show their responsibility for the economy of our region. This task is carried out for all concerned as holds an honorary position. We all participate together, because we want to bring our experience and our expertise to strengthen our region for the benefit of all. The General Assembly of the Chamber of Commerce Chemnitz is the main element of the self-government of our local economy. You define the positions of principle of the Chamber of Commerce Chemnitz economic questions (better at) which decides affected business sectors and the regions, Financial planning of the Chamber of Commerce and determines the contributions and charges of the company. The people’s Assembly of the IHK Chemnitz sees itself as a voice of the entrepreneurs and women entrepreneurs in our region towards politics and public administration. For your confidence in my person, I would like to thank and invite to the dialogue between companies, management and policy welcome you.