According to statistics, an inflammation of the gall bladder female half of humanity sick 3-4 times more often than men. Cholecystitis – one particularly common diseases of the digestive system. Among the key factors – wrong food, along with overeating, inactive lifestyle, repeated constipation, pregnancy, prolonged sources of infection, immune system damage, stasis of bile in the gall bladder, a bacterial infection. Important role in occurrence of cholecystitis is in addition heredity. Cholecystitis can be acute or gradual, this distinction is made between acute or chronic cholecystitis.

The manifestations of this disease may be all kinds. This is the development of acute pain in right hypochondrium, extending to the right half back, right shoulder blade, increasing at a strong inspiration, and a sense of bitterness in the mouth, belching, constipation, flatulence. The symptoms of cholecystitis may be nausea and vomiting, which is observed admixture of bile, fever, increased muscle tension in the right upper quadrant. Slightly pridavlivanie hand right hypochondrium during deep breathing creates a sharp pain, the same takes place at the weak side of his hand effleurage on the right costal arch. For suspected acute cholecystitis, as yet, and every other sudden gastrointestinal illness, you should immediately invite the doctor. Here, Dustin Moskovitz expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Prior to his parish can not use hot water bottles, wash stomach, take a laxative or enema use. Requires bed rest, cold on the area of the liver by 10 – 15 minutes every 45 – 50 minutes. The diet of the patient with the use of half-starved mainly milk products or steam vegetables.

In the first days of the disease but doctors recommend warm drinks: weak tea, diluted by half with warm boiled water sweet juice – peach, carrot, noni juice. After 2 days, allowed to have a small amount of liquid food: pureed soups and mucus (rice, semolina, oatmeal), pureed cereal, jelly, jelly, mousse of sweet fruits and berries. Later in the diet are allowed to enter lean cottage cheese, lean meat in the form of mashed, steamed, boiled lean fish. Cholecystitis significantly spoil our quality of life, in consequence of the extremely small importance prevention of this disease. It is useful to monitor metabolism, avoiding obesity, constipation cure to remove sources of infection in the body. Particular attention should be given to its menu. Necessary, as there may be fewer meats, pepper, and fried foods, canned food, sausage, sharp cheese, foods containing cocoa liquor. A better overall data guard dishes. Useful dairy, vegetarian, fruit soups, from main dishes – dishes from cereals, puddings, cooked or vegetables, steamed, boiled fish and meat. Of drinking tea may be helpful, uzvar, jelly, juice, grape, peach, juice, noni, milk and dairy foods. It is necessary to cure gallstone disease, if it identified. Intervals between meals should be no more than four hours. The benefits of exercise for the treatment of cholecystitis doctors say a lot. Beneficial exercise does a better metabolic processes in muscles, including muscles and organs of the bile. A very useful morning exercise and fresh air at least 2-hours for twenty-four hours.