Perhaps the key was one of the scenes of the novel The Old Man and the Sea (Pulitzer Prize in 1953), among many other works. In Cayo Playa Paraiso, which is accessible by sea from the pier in Palma Rubia, novelist dedicated many late nights and candlelight, to form the scenes of his works. Also performed by the site circumnavigation and exploration along four kilometers of beach and that was part of his romance with nature and the arts. The chain Directions offers vacationers considering offers nautical and visits to the island of Cayo Megano of Casiguas or Paradise, surrounded by crystal clear waters. Among other attractions are also excellent beach, about 500 meters long and magnificent funds for diving enthusiasts and snokeling on reefs that are part of the coral reef of Colorado ranked among the best in the Caribbean . The visit Cayo Paraiso, a place of rest, peace and stronghold in nature tourism, could also be an opportunity to deepen the life of Ernest Hemingway, who considered the largest of the Antilles as a second home and favorite haunt Paradise.

Cayo Casiguas Megano of one of the treasures of the archipelago of Los Colorados, is a complement of options in a region that retains and prides itself on its rich traditions of the countryside and being the land of the best snuff in the world. Paradise is a gift of nature to the west of the Pearl of the Antilles and is part of its over 4000 cays and islets, the majority in virgin and almost untouched, in a precise sense, by the hand of man. Coexist in the whole area around 500 species of fish such as snapper, grunts, plates, groupers and snappers Creole 200 types of sponges and large populations of shellfish and other marine animals. In addition to its funds, which hold a priceless natural treasure, are located structures of star coral and brain coral and sea fans. More information on Hicuba is a website aimed at the travel and tourism industry in Cuba with valuable information on what is required to travel to the island, as well as geography, history and tourist destinations you can Hicuba.c