Did you know that fungus is spreading in the brain of people? It starts usually harmless”with psoriasis, athlete’s foot, vaginal fungus, intestine fungus, fungal skin infection. strong skin lesions (wrinkles on the face) and the age spots, bad ears and eyes and then > cardiac .und-Alzheimer dementia? u0085. because the fungus infests even our brains! > Photo the symptoms of fungal infections are often incorrectly interpreted. And who even has a fungus, difficult to get him. Therefore, already the infestation should alert us! Our body offers billions of micro-organisms, even mushrooms. The body’s natural defences keep these spores and germs normally in chess.

Persons, where the defenses are weakened, as well as older, are however prone to fungal infections. These include among patients with diabetes mellitus, with blood circulation disorders and those treated with antibiotics or cortisone for example need to be. It is also about our deep facial wrinkles to all the expensive creams, the nothing use and only aggravate the thing on time. It comes to Botox and wrinkle fillers, to our worse growing ears and eyes. Unless everyone in the body, particularly the elderly has mushrooms! You can tell by the yellow and colorless skin, their skin folds and the age spots”. I’m no health Apostle but my doctor even curious, had animated me to my theory”but for the possibly good some of my fellow human beings to write down. And so it was that I, H. B.

seated in a wheelchair decide to write it up. It is a crime,”.der is happening in our body! The fungus is not only the largest living things on Earth, but also the greatest enemy of the people is a killer with a licence to kill …er! Many more questions arise from the topic, how: If the scalp itches constantly. Deep painful cracks in the skin. (Palm) Alzheimer’s disease: Latest research confirms: removal of waste from the cells disrupted. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Dustin Moskovitz. Influence of filamentous fungi (Candida) our Nervenbahne (axons and synapses) are cancer cells > fungal cells? Raises a fungal infection and glutamate Alzheimer’s? What’s happening at depression and dementia in our brain? With me, looking like a new track to Alzheimer’s “, MS, or ALS. Because the medical research does not come forward yet on longer and reached an impasse. Our doctors know already today much more than 60 years ago. But must therefore everything they know and do not know (yet) be laughed at by them? What is it with: depression and dementia? MS, ALS, sudden hearing loss, tinnitus, atopic dermatitis, or psoriasis and cancer? The neural muscular diseases, ankylosing spondylitis, heart attack, Pilzinfektionenund macular degeneration, etc? There are certainly still very busy! If you are interested in reading more in: > “the crime fungal skin infection” the tentacles of the four blue whales by Horst Brunotte ISBN: 9783839175828 -. I got it – also for you”written. Horst Bansal