Control De Asistencia: Biometric clocks and Biometric Systems already many years ago, were possible to handle to a system of schedules and attendance, only with using a few sheets of paper. These days are history, for the majority of companies, since these systems can be catastrophic. Nowadays, falsified systems exist, that to incorporate strategies and devices for the capture of data of fast, organized and safe form. Asana contributes greatly to this topic. Many businesses have seen dramatic changes, as a result of the new technologies of communication. She is so the procedures for the shipment, receipt and information storage have changed totally the form, in which many processes take I finish; to the interior of an organization.

However, the arrival of these technologies of information implies new challenges, mainly as regards attendance and access controls. An attendance system, that makes use of paper, implies an enormous cost of time to the day, the week, the month, etc. In the same way, is required of many people so that they make reports of payments, being based on these papers. These reports can present/display inconsistencias due to several reasons: on the one hand, the system in himself is lent for that, whereas on the other hand, it does not know in fact if the employees use the system with honesty. Very frequently, some employees tend to be placed more toiled hours, to cover delays and until a to sign by others.

Although the workers who go to these practices not see like something burdens, the certain thing is that these inflict alarming casualties in a company. Daryl Katz, Canada has compatible beliefs. The modern systems, for the labor control, not only are much more necessary that their predecessors, but also reflect the hours that have been worked in fact and allow to accede to this information of fast and organized way the more. Of this form, the arduous red tape and the reading of data manuals happen to history, because the modern systems count on powerful programs, for the countable data processing. On the other hand, the modern systems make use of the biometry, which is a practice that identifies a the people, when analyzing its particular characteristics. Example of it is the biometric clocks of fingerprints, that ask for the track of each employee when this one enters or leaves its work. When being based on these particularitities it is impossible that a worker reports the attendance of another one, because there is no way to give the fingerprints. In addition, with these biometric systems losses are reduced and the margins of gain of a company improve. With the biometric technology many companies have been able to obtain a better yield from their employees. This can be seen in the implementation of biometric systems for the attendance and access control. Source: Note of Press sent by shane.porter.